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Here you will find Pictures of my '00' Gauge Layout

This is an old layout unfortunately long gone, there have been another two since that appear in these pages, Right now I'm between Layouts, I recently Moved, and as yet have not defined any space, for the next layout... It was far from finished, when dismantled (I doubted It would ever have been :~)

The Layout was about 11'x6' and had three full loops. One loop was elevated and passed over the other two loops over a truss bridge, the inner two loops went thru' a tunnel to pass the other side of the elevated loop. In addition there was a small inner yard.

In total I could run upto six locomotives simultaneously (with help), on my own, three!

A major undertaking was to add electrified points (switches) and signals, unfortunately this is not my strong point and was never completed.

The Layout was landscaped (about 90% complete) using a mixture of materials mainly from Woodland Scenics. It depicted an imaginary part of England with a Northern Flair, somewhere in the 40's to 60's as I used it for many different mixes of loco's it was not for the purist!

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1 Older Pictures of the Layout (2001-2002)

2 Some Shots of the Layout (May 2003)

2 Some Shots of a small Layout I built in 2004/5

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