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Here you will find Pictures of my '00' Gauge Layout

Older Layout Pics taken during early construction 2001 and in 2002

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1 Shows an early stage in Construction, three tracks two on left lower right is elevated, in background you will see unfinished area (now completed)

2 On overhead shot of the "Yard" the area on the right is where the turntable is currently being installed

3 Clearly shows the elevated section, the lower right tracks are just about to enter the tunnel on left

4 A shot of the yard from the other end, you can see the outer track climbing the incline at the back the inner two tracks entering the tunnel in backgound.

5 A good "birds eye" view showing the Truss bridge, and the elevated section the area on the right is where the turntable will be

6 A Jinty on the elevated section and an A4 on the "main line"

7 Flying Scot Coming up behind the A4, you can just make out the tunnel in background

8 Golden Eagle and Jinty again

9 8477 with a goods load (background not complete at this time)

10 Overhead shot of three tracks

11 Another view of the Truss Bridge

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