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Here you will find Pictures of my '00' Gauge Collection

I have been collecting '00' British outline for a number of years I still have my first Hornby Dublo set, I got for christmas in the early 60's.

I collect all sorts of things no main theme just what I like, a mix of HornbyDublo, Wrenn, Triang, Triang/Hornby, Hornby, Trix, Bachmann, Lima, Airfix, Dapol pretty much anything "British" upto the end of Steam - Mid 60's. The now EX "Boss" says I'm obsessed, well I probably am!

These pics go back to 2003 Long ago in a far away place.... When I had an area of the basement which was slowly being finished, this is where my layout was installed, and I constructed some display shelves in the same area to "show off" my collection. The shelves show my lack of skill when it comes to carpentry, but work just fine, they are all made out of pine that has been stained to look like oak!

I also have a storage system of plastic drawers to keep the things organised that are not on display.

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1 Shows a full view of the biggest Corner Display unit

2 A number of Hornby Train Packs

3 Shunters, Coronations and A4's

4 Flying Scots, Other A1/A3's 9F's and Britannias

5 Shows the plastic storage drawers

5 More... Recent Pictures

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